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As a professional wedding and special event designer and planner, I wanted to create a blog platform where brides, grooms, and really anyone can obtain professional advice on wedding planning and design aspects, find inspiration, and hear wisdom from brides and grooms past.  I also want brides and grooms alike to be able to share “their story” of the wedding planning journey for family and friends to follow.  One of my favorite things to ask a potential client during a consultation was “What is your story?”  How did y’all meet?  How did he propose?  Knowing and understanding the story behind a bride and groom can give an event planner or designer great insight to the things the bride and groom could possibly want incorporated within their event.  Plus, who doesn’t like hearing a great love story.  I still get teared up recalling some of the great stories of love which have unfolded over the years.  God has allowed me to be a part of some amazing journeys in the lives of brides, grooms, and parents as they watched their dreams become reality.  I love being a part of one of the biggest days of their lives and hearing that oh so cherished comment at the close of the day, “Thank you, today was a PERFECT DAY!”.  It is one of the reasons I do what I do. I mean I get to help make someone’s dreams come true, how amazing is that?