Brooke and Jonathan’s Engagement Pictures

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On a beautiful Saturday morning, Brooke and Jonathan met their photographer, who is also the sister of the bride, for part one of their long-awaited engagement photo sessions.  The first photo session would take place with one of West Mobile, Alabama’s many beautiful cotton fields as the setting.

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Brooke – It was an awesome morning during our first session in the cotton field because we got to capture the way we look and feel about one another. Having God’s beautiful creation all around us with the cotton fields “white” unto harvest was just the perfect picture setting for our walk with the LORD both individually and what God is building in us as a couple.  He has begun a work in us and is faithful to complete HIS work.  We even started dancing in the cotton field and it was so memorable!

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The last photo session took place on Sunday afternoon in downtown Mobile, AL.  Brooke and Jonathan chose elegant coordinating dress attire for these pictures and the streets of downtown Mobile provided a great setting for the beauty this couple holds for each other.

Brooke decided to do her own hair and makeup for these pictures and enjoyed coordinating their outfits for these photo sessions.  Each session represented elements of who her and Jonathan are.  She said having her sister as their photographer made things so special for her.  “It is such a blessing to have a fabulous photographer as your sister!”

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Brooke’s Advice: “Be flexible with the weather and don’t be anxious to wait for a sunny day! Relax and just have fun!! It was very special to have incorporated our favorite scripture verse in our engagement pictures.”  Find elements that represent you and your fiancée and incorporate them into your pictures, whether that be in the setting of your photo or in dress attire and props.

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Engagement pictures

“I have found the one my soul loves.”

Song of Solomon 3:4

Photography Provided By: Emily Bass Photography

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