Brooke and Jonathan’s Final Details

Our Final Details

April was quickly approaching and all the details we have been planning were falling perfectly into place.  It was now time to meet our wedding coordinator along with a few of our wedding vendors at the reception venue site to discuss all these fabulous details one last time before the big day. We would meet with our wedding coordinator and church representative at a later date to discuss the final details to take place there.

Jonathan and I had chosen the beautiful historic Bragg-Mitchell Mansion as our reception venue.  Our wedding coordinator, Kristel Bergman, took care of scheduling for us to meet there along with our Florist (All A Bloom Florist), Rental Company (Mobile Popcorn), Caterer (Sean’s Creative Catering), Photographer (Britta Rivera Photography), a representative of the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, and last but certainly not the least, my Mom. When Jonathan and I began this planning journey, God lead us to some amazing wedding vendors who helped us create and design each intricate detail of our special day, but this final meeting was when the whole picture would come together for us and we could finally see the pieces falling into place; I was so excited!!

I have to admit though, I was a little unsure how exactly things would go, having so many people there and involved, but it was awesome seeing and listening to each vendor share their advice as we walked through each area of our reception site.  Each of our vendors have worked several other events at the Bragg-Mitchell so they were able to share things that worked in the past and things which didn’t.  As we walked around the inside of the mansion deciding what details would take place in each room, we realized there were more tables provided by the Bragg than we had taken account for, but our wedding coordinator, florist, and rental company quickly helped us put together a better plan for our table décor items and these extra tables.

One really great moment of this day was being able to pick out together with our photographer where we would do our first look pictures on our wedding day.  The girls and I were planning to get dressed at the mansion and the guys would join us there for some pre-ceremony pictures before we all headed to the church.  So getting to decide where Jonathan and I would see each other for the first time on our wedding day, was just another fairytale aspect coming into vision.  Jonathan and I found a special and romantic spot and our photographer agreed it would be picture perfect.

Overall this meeting left us feeling more confident about the layout, flow, and details our wedding reception would hold.  I would suggest to any upcoming bride and groom to create a list of questions from the start of your planning journey and continue to add to this list along the way.  We kept our questions in our wedding planning book and took it along with printed copies of ideas and potential layout plans we had so all our vendors could see and have a better understanding of what Jonathan and I envisioned.  I highly recommend having a final meeting of these sorts on-site with your vendors when it is at all possible.  This meeting gave me the extra confidence I needed, and I feel certain it would you too.  Also, when it is within your budget to have one, we highly recommend hiring a wedding day coordinator or full wedding planner.  It is so worth the money spent knowing that every detail you have worked so hard to plan will be executed and even exceed your dreams.  We could not have walked this journey without the help of our incredible wedding vendors, fabulous wedding coordinator, and the love and support of our family and friends.

Can’t wait for April to arrive and become, Mrs. Jonathan Wallace. 🙂


Brooke and Jonathan Wallace with Kristel Bergman (Wedding Coordinator)

Photography Provided By: Brooke Wallace




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