Chad’s One Request

Finding the perfect person to do our wedding cake was extremely important to me and Chad. We wanted it to of course look beautiful, but we also wanted it to taste absolutely delicious! We knew if we could get both, it would be a dynamic combination. ūüôā From the moment we got engaged, going to the cake tasting was the single most important thing Chad was looking forward to, hehe. He reiterated that as long as I let him do cake tasting and tell him what to wear, he was totally good with any other choice I wanted to make for the wedding, lol.

We started brainstorming different places to do cake tastings so that we could have options and variety, and we thought we then could make our decision after choosing the best.¬†After throwing a few different ideas around, we had several people recommend Ms. Judi at Cakes by Judi ( Every single person we talked to praised how truly precious she was and how her cakes were incredibly delicious! We were so excited and made an appointment in January to see Ms. Judi. A few weeks later, Chad participated in a month-long Daniel fast at church. (The Daniel fast is where you can only eat fruits and vegetables.) It wasn’t until about a week into the fast, that it hit me… “Oh no!!! Chad won’t be able to participate in our cake tasting!” After discussing it with him, I knew there was no way I could go without him, so we called Ms. Judi, and she so graciously let us reschedule for the 2nd of February. Sweet Chad only had one request, to taste the cakes, so I could not take part in this without him, hehe!

The time for our cake appointment finally rolled around, and we were SO excited. My mom, Brenda, and our wedding planner, Cindy¬†Squires, came with me and Chad to test out the yummy goodness. Once we arrived in Ms. Judi’s adorable shop, we were greeted by Ms. Judi and her precious daughter in law, Mrs. Kelli. We first sat down with Mrs. Judi to¬†discuss the details of our wedding such as the¬†number of guests we anticipated attending, would we be serving the¬†grooms cake at the wedding reception,¬†the location the¬†cakes would be placed at the reception,¬†would we want the cakes to be sitting on plateaus or flat on the table, and any design ideas we had for each cake.¬† There is really more to designing and picking out a cake than one may realize.¬† Now came the FUN part!! We decided to taste a few different options of cake flavors and filings. Ms. Judi brought us each freshly baked and WARM cake right out of the oven with a whole plate of icing… yes a whole plate! We were in cake and icing heaven, hehe! After indulging ourselves in the deliciousness, we were sold on the flavors we tried: buttercream icing and cake for my wedding cake and chocolate buttercream icing and cake for Chad’s groom’s cake. Mmm Mmm good!!¬†We want the cake to be our “wow” factor at the reception, so I am so excited for everyone to soon see it!¬†

We can’t wait to eat these wonderful cakes on our wedding day, and we can’t thank Ms. Judi with Cakes By Judi enough for being so amazing and wonderful to work with!

claire wedding cake5 claire wedding cake6Wedding and Groom Cakes

Here are a few tips I would like to give other brides and grooms:

  • Have an idea of what you want your cake to look like and how many people you need it to feed before you go to your¬†appointment.
  • Bring pictures if you have them of cake designs you like.
  • Choose a baker who you will love working with and who will make all of your dreams come true.¬†

Pictures Provided By: Photography By Jaclyn Robinson

Cakes Provided By: Cakes By Judi


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