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In preparing for my bridal portraits, I had religiously been checking the weather each day because the forecast was showing 90% chance of rain.  The morning of Monday, March 9, 2015 arrived and the weather forecast was not looking to be in my favor.  Rain, rain, please go away… . I really wanted to take a few pictures outside, so I was hoping that the rain would clear up at least a little bit before 5:30 when the pictures were set to begin. And to my surprise?!… it did not. (Lol) It steadily rained all day long; though I was a little disappointed, I was still SO excited to put on my beautiful dress and get all dolled up. I mean why let the enemy steal my joy just because its raining, right?  I have waited for this day and I am determined I am going to enjoy it.

 After getting my makeup done by my sweet friend Ashley Scarborough and my hair done by the talented Bridget Byrd at Studio 4 the Salon, LLC, , I headed downtown to meet my mom so that she could help me get ready. Because my mom works right across the street from the Battle House Hotel (which was where the pictures were to take place), she arranged for me to get ready in a vacant office, which was SO nice. I truly couldn’t have done any of this without my mom, she was definitely the glue holding everything together!

After getting completely dressed and ready to go, my mom got a phone call from my dad who was on his way to meet us (I was thrilled that both of my parents were able to experience this with me… Such a sweet memory!) He quickly said, “Y’all need to head across the street ASAP because the rain is coming and the wind is STRONG.” So, we then rushed downstairs to meet my dad who had just arrived. I absolutely adore both of my parents, so seeing their sweet reactions to me finally in my wedding gown was amazing! I am truly blessed with the most caring, God-honoring parents who have taught me to love Jesus and love others. The three of us then met my precious photographer Jaclyn Robinson, and we started the awesome bridal shoot!

The bridal shoot was truly a blast and this experience taught me a few things:

~I was able to move around well in my dress (which was such a relief, hehe).

~The veil can be a very difficult thing to get to stay in place when your hair is full of hair spray and bobby pins.

~My shoes were KILLER, adorable for sure.. But killer, haha.

My favorite thing about this shoot was that it was the perfect dress rehearsal for our big day in a couple of weeks. I was able to see what works and what doesn’t and was able to learn how to maneuver my wedding gown. I got a new pair of shoes by the way… And they are pretty fabulous (and comfy!) if I do say so myself. 😉

Bridal Shoes

I can’t believe that the next time I put my dress on, it will be our wedding day! 🙂

 clairebridalpic2 clairebridalpic3 Bridal Picture

Mother of the Bride:

It was such a joyful event to spend as Mother of the Bride during my daughter Claire’s bridal portraits with Photography by Jaclyn Robinson. What a special day it was for me to be able to be with her as she got dressed for this special day in her life (in my office building). As we headed to the elevator in route to the Battle House Hotel for pictures, her dad asked if he could meet up with us.  My heart just melted as the elevator doors opened with her dad standing there with tears in his eyes to see our Claire for the first time in her dress.  She was just breathe-taking.

Bridal Picures and Father of Bride

My heart was filled with so much joy knowing our baby girl’s pictures for this blessed event was in the hands of Jaclyn and Bill Robinson.  I know for a fact that The Lord had His hands in this from Claire and Chad’s first date, the high school years through college, the proposal, and all the way up to the wedding day. I am one blessed Mother of the Bride.

Bridal Pictures

Pictures Provided By Photography By Jaclyn Robinson

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