Jacquelyn and Justin’s Rehearsal and Dinner

Wow, time has flown by. I can’t believe it is wedding week already.  Mom and I had some last-minute details to take care of as well as making sure the trailer was packed with the decorations mom made and the table linens she had purchased.  Justin and I also have been working on remodeling my parents old house so we had some finishing touches to do their as well to make sure we had a nice home to return to after our honeymoon.  I used to think the wedding couldn’t get here fast enough as I was so ready to be Justin’s wife, but now it is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have to say I am blessed in many ways but one of these is in having the greatest parents ever.  Dad and mom wanted me to have the wedding of my dreams and went to all kinds of lengths to make sure it was truly a lifetime memory.  I really did not have much stress with the planning of things as my mom and our friend Jessie Parnell with Everything Just Changed and her book The Wedding Planning Guide, made things so easy.  I was really able to enjoy each step of the planning journey.  Now it was time to see everything come to a reality.

Mom, Jadyn, the girls, and I decided we would all go get our nails done together on Thursday.  It was so much fun just hanging out.  This is another blessing in my life; I have AMAZING family and friends!!! Friday morning we all woke up and finished packing the truck and car with all our stuff.  The Venue at RoseOak has a package which allows for you to spend the night there on your rehearsal night along with your bridesmaids and parents if you choose, so we had to pack more than just wedding day items.  The plan was Mom, Dad, and Jadyn would head out early to go meet Jessie at the venue and begin unloading the trailer, and Justin and I would join them a little later.  Jessie had arrived earlier to the venue to coordinate the setup of tables, chairs, and dance floor as well as coordinate all the decorating.  I never really knew there was so much that goes into the actual wedding setup/decorating, but so grateful for the people God has placed in our lives who helped make everything so amazing.

When Justin and I arrived at Roseoak, things were well underway and I could finally see the big picture coming into play. It was so exciting.  Justin left shortly afterwards to go get checked into his hotel and meet up with some of the guys before everyone getting dressed for the rehearsal and dinner.  Jadyn and I had planned to spend some sister time together just the two of us. It was so much fun.  We laughed till it hurt and then some.  Jadyn helped me with my makeup and hair and made us both look fabulous.

It was now time for everyone to start arriving for the rehearsal.  It was so hot that day and into the afternoon.  We had been watching high percentages of forecasted rain all week, but had decided we would just pray hard and chance the rain.  We felt there was enough indoor facility space for the guest if a storm did come.  So to have a bright sun shining day was a great sight to see, but it sure made things exceptionally hot even for July.  Once again we have been blessed with an amazing bridal party and extended family who made the best out of the heat. We choose to use the Tabitha Edwards as our wedding coordinator. She was awesome to work with and made everyone feel special and at ease with how everything would flow on the wedding day.  Everyone really participated well and listened to Tabitha so rehearsal went well and fast so all could get out of the heat and head to the rehearsal dinner which was to be held at the Movie Star restaurant in Hattiesburg, MS.

Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Becky Brown (Justin’s parents) had planned a fabulous rehearsal dinner for us and I was so excited to see everything and eat some good food.  Justin and I wanted to ride together to the rehearsal dinner so we could spend a little more time together before the big day. We enjoyed just talking about the day and how we thought rehearsal went as well as the excitement we both had about the next day. When we arrived at the Movie Star, everything was just perfect. Mrs. Becky had Mr. Johnny help her make these custom centerpieces which so fit Justin’s personality to a tee. They had also picked out an awesome menu selection for us. The food was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was such a great memory to sit, watch, and listen to some of the people you hold dearest enjoy themselves so.  Laughter filled the air most of the evening with a few tears shed as both our dads, Mrs. Becky, and Jadyn all gave toast and Justin’s sister, Kathryn came to just Justin and I to share some old memories. Just before everyone began getting ready to depart from the dinner, Justin and I gave our bridal party members and parents their gifts. Many memories were made this night, and I will forever cherish each of them and every word spoken.


Justin drove me back to the venue where the girls, my parents, and I were staying. We all just hung out a little before he left to go to his hotel.  As I walked him to his truck, I could hardly contain my excitement. It had been a great day and we really enjoyed ourselves all day long.  Tomorrow was going to be great.  We kissed one final time as the next time we would kiss it would be as husband and wife and then departed ways.  Tomorrow, I would finally get to carry his name…

Jacquleyn’s Advice:

Enjoy yourselves on this day and night.   DO NOT worry about “What could happen” in our case with the weather.  Just enjoy!!!  Also riding together just the two of you to and from the rehearsal dinner is a great idea.  It gives you time to talk through things you may want to change before the big day as well as just laugh and spend time with each other before the craziness begins.


Mrs. Becky’s Advice (Mother of the Groom):

We love Jacquelyn like she is our own child, and just knowing Justin is marrying into a family that loves him just as much brings great JOY to this mother’s heart. I will forever cherish the memories of watching the happiness Jacquelyn has added to Justin’s life and knowing she is his “Happily Ever After”.  We are excited to watch this new chapter in their lives begin.  If I could offer any advice to future mothers of the groom, I would say, “Consider having your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant so you are not stressed out with things and can just enjoy the night with your son.”

Wedding Coordinator: Tabitha Edwards

Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Venue at RoseOak, Petal, MS

Rehearsal Dinner Location: Movie Star restaurant, Hattiesburg, MS



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