Jacquelyn & Justin’s Wedding



What an incredible journey this has been.  I feel so Blessed to have such amazing family and friends enjoying this journey with Justin and I.  It was my wedding day!!!  I was getting married today!!!  This just doesn’t seem real.

The girls and I along with my parents all stayed the night after the rehearsal dinner at The Venue at Roseoak, where our wedding ceremony and reception would be held.  It was such a relaxing morning as we all awoke to a beautiful sun-shinning July day. The staff at Roseoak had prepared for us a special brunch for us to enjoy before we all got started with hair and makeup.  My sister in law, Courtney, and sweet new niece, Avery, joined us for the brunch.  It was such a special time as my Dad began sharing stories and old memories of my childhood. It is a memory I will forever cherish.

After brunch, the girls and I all began the process of getting dressed.  My fabulous cousin’s wives Cassie Cochran and Katie Cochran came to do all the girls hair and makeup as well as my hair.  My sister Jadyn would be doing my makeup as she can totally rock out this makeup thing. I have to say, I totally have some awesome talented family who know how to make a girl feel and look amazing.


Our wedding designer and planner, Jessie Parnell with Everything Just Changed had arrived earlier that morning and was there to greet the vendors as they arrived along with making sure the overall design concept was accomplished, so I knew things were well underway.  There was a high chance of rain for that day, but even with that, I felt so relaxed and calm, just enjoying every aspect of these moments.   I just knew at the end of the day I would be married to the man of my dreams and rain or no rain would interfere with that!  Well as you may imagine the rain did come.  It was a hot July day in the deep south, I mean what else would one expect but a thunderstorm to make an appearance.  Jessie and our good friend, Paula Walley, along with the staff at Roseoak and the staff of Rose Bud Flowers and Gifts all began to quickly move items out of the rains path; fortunately almost everything was removed before the worst of the rain came down.  I think I was supposed to get upset, but honestly I didn’t.  I was like it will all be okay.  My mom on the other hand may or may not have had a moment of some deep praying if you know what I mean, lol.

The rain passed and everyone was hard at work drying off tables and chairs and putting all the decorations back in place.  There were so many elements about the design of our wedding ceremony and reception that I could hardly wait to see.  I have never been the one to picture how things are going to look, that would be my mom’s forte.  So I had to just trust her and Jessie along the process, but there were a few things that I knew I wanted certain ways.  One of these elements was my bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids, so I was more than thrilled when Jessie asked if I wanted to see it.  WOW!!!  It was exactly what I wanted and then some.  It was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to carry it down the aisle.


Well, the time had approached for me to have my first look with my Dad.  Mom and the girls helped me get into my amazing dress and add the finishing touches.  Up until this point, my Dad had not seen the dress so I wanted him to see if before Justin, but I also had a surprise for him in the dress.  You see, I am 100% a Daddy’s girl.  I love my mom and she knows that without a doubt.  She and I have a very special relationship that I thank God for daily.  But Daddy’s, well, they are just SPECIAL!!!  At least mine is!!!  My Dad’s parents, Papa and Granny, had passed away and mom had gotten a small piece of each of their old shirts and had them pinned into the inside of my dress so their memory could be there with me on this special day.  I know they were watching from heaven with the biggest smiles.  This meant the world to my dad as it did to me also.  Family is important and I have been richly blessed with an amazing family… Mom and Jadyn stayed with me in the room as one of the girls went to get Dad.  I could hardly wait for him to open the door and walk in.  So glad I decided to have this memory on my wedding day.  Getting to see and hug my daddy before going out to see my Prince Charming helped calm me down some, as my nerves were on high.



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After lots of hugs and some happy tears it was now time for my love to see me and I him.  We had decided to take our first glance on the back patio of the reception hall, but before we went to actually see each other, Justin came to the back side of the door and asked for my hand.  He stood on the other side of the door holding my hand and telling me to calm down and stop shaking, lol.  He was so sweet.

  He then left to go get in place for our First Glance moment.  I remember walking through the reception hall on the way to see Justin and taking a glance at the decorations.  Everything was so beautiful. It felt like I was in some kind of dream.  This was all for me and Justin, WOW!

As I approached the French doors leading out to the patio, my heart started beating faster than ever before and the “shaking” well it increased.  Our photographers opened the doors and there Justin was standing with his back to me. There he was, my husband to be.  As he turned around and embraced me, I instantly felt a peace come over me.  This was our moment, our memory, our day.

Once we finished this time, Justin and I took all our wedding party pictures and most all of family pictures so we could truly enjoy every moment of our reception.  Justin and I have awesome family and friends and hands down the best bridal party ever.  We can honestly say every moment was a memory made and lots of laughter took place.  Even when one of the groomsmen didn’t have shoes.  You just make the most of it and move forward.

As time approached for the wedding ceremony to begin, my nerves began increasing as the excitement of this day was uncontainable.  The special moments I had with my parents, sister, bridesmaids, aunts, brother, and family is what the most to me in those last thirty minutes.  I will forever cherish the memories made sitting there talking to some of the people who mean the most to me.  I am richly blessed to have all of them in my life!!

It was then time.  Time to say “I DO”….  Ekk…  Such excitement and nerves and excitement.  Did I say excitement?  Mom, Jadyn, and all my girls hugged me and made their way down to the ceremony site which was to take place at the pond sitting at the bottom of the hill from the estate.  Dad and I made our way to the carriage to await our time to make our entrance.

As our fabulous violinist, Rayne Harrison, began playing there was much anticipation amongst everyone.  You see another thunderstorm was building and you could not only see the huge dark black cloud, but you could feel and hear the wind whipping through the trees.  I might add that the pond (ceremony site) was a good distance from the estate (aka shelter of any sorts).  But as I sat there with my Dad watching our ceremony begin and the weather looking to be bad, I had such PEACE.  The weather not only held off, it actually ended up being great and cooled the temperature down.  It is crazy how God shows us that some things are just right, and we just need to put our trust in Him regardless of how things “look”.  Literally as some of our ushers were running to catch flower arrangements before they fell due to the wind the storm was brewing up, one of my cousins took a picture of the sky above.  The picture showed one clear hole in the sky and it happened to be just over our ceremony location.  In my eyes, that was ALL GOD!


There were so many special details and moments to our ceremony starting with both my parents giving my hand in marriage to my brother, Jaron, being our minister.  Then Jaron and Jadyn sang over us during our unity sand and both our parents came and laid hands upon us as a prayer of blessing was declared over us by Pastor Ted Pagel Jr..  We were surrounded by some of our closest family and friends as we exchanged covenant vows to each other.  It was more than I could have imagined it to be.

Justin and I took a short carriage ride after the ceremony as the bridal party and guest made their way back up the hill to the reception.

The venue had a beautiful two room reception hall along with the use of the pool side patio.  Guest were invited to grab a drink to cool down as they awaited our arrival.  We had our bridal party introduced into the reception then Justin and I were announced.  After this, a blessing was asked over the food.  Plates were made for Justin and I to slip away and have a quick private dinner while all our guest began eating and enjoying the music.  As soon as we finished eating we joined our guest back at the reception.  Everyone was having such a great time and enjoying the amazing food from Tyner’s Catering.  We even had a full pig smoked. It was awesome…

Shortly after we cut our cakes and then went into our special dances.

Justin and I had our first dance, then I danced with my dad, and then he with his mom.  We had one last special dance planned and that was with me and my mom.  Like I stated before, my mom and I have a very special relationship.  I had always wanted to have a dance with my mom on my wedding day and mom and I found the perfect song.  Jadyn, Jaron, and my Nana all joined us at the end.  It was a blast and very special.

I think all of our guest enjoyed the dance floor, music by DJ Don King, and the photo booth.  In my opinion the entire reception was fantastic and gorgeous.  Mom and Jessie really put so much attention into making all the elements I wanted into the wedding and I loved every detail.  I can honestly say I was surprised at how it all turned out. Like I said, I am not one who can envision things so I just had to trust mom and Jessie during the planning.  I am so glad I did, because it all turned out amazing and the wedding I have always dreamed about. It was my FAIRYTALE wedding.

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Justin and I would like to thank all of our family and friends for taking the time to not just come celebrate our wedding day with us, but for believing in us and helping to make us who we are.  We are excited for what all our future holds as husband and wife.



Watch out world….. This Mr. & Mrs. Justin Brown’s journey is just beginning.

Words of Advice:

Stay CALM and ENJOY every part of the day no matter the “storms” that come.  It is your Fairytale day and NO ONE and NOTHING can get in the way of you marrying the man of your dreams.

Photography Provided By: Admoni Photography, Keegan & Robby McWhorter

Wedding Design and Planning By: Everything Just Changed, Jessie Parnell

Wedding Day Coordinator: Tabitha Edwards

Venue Location: The Venue at Roseoak

Rentals: The Venue at Roseoak and Port City Rentals (Mobile, AL)

Caterer: Tyner’s Catering

Florist: Rose Bud Flowers & Gifts

Baker (Wedding Cake): Homebake and Candy Shoppe (Hattiesburg, MS)

Baker (Groom’s Cake): Shelly Caludrovich (Lucedale, MS)

Entertainment Ceremony: Rayne Harrison

Entertainment Reception: DJ Don King

Videographer: Gandy Productions

Lighting: Dorsett Productions

Minister(s): Pastor Jaron Tipton and Pastor Ted Pagel Jr.

Photo Booth: Southern Noise Photo Booth

Fireworks Provided By:  The Venue at Roseoak

Carriage: Angel Dream Carriage, Levern McKenzie

Antique Car: A&B Cycle





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