Madalyn and Brandon’s Proposal

The Story Begins

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Slater

Her Perspective:

When Madalyn awoke on the morning of September 16, 2014, she was filled with excitement and joy that the day had finally arrived; it was Brandon’s birthday and she could finally give him her surprise birthday gift.  She had begun planning this birthday surprise some two months earlier and had everything set just perfect.  You see Brandon is a huge LSU fan so Madalyn bought tickets to a game and was going to give them to him after dinner.  They are both huge family oriented people, so it was important to her that their two families celebrate this occasion as one family,  so she planned for both of their families to join together to celebrate.  The plan was to eat dinner together then go back to his parent’s house for cake and presents, where she would reveal his gift. Everything was planned out just Perfect…

His Perspective:

Brandon and Madalyn had been talking about getting married, and he knew he wanted to propose to her; just not sure when. He was planning sometime around Christmas, but all that changed at the very last minute.  Two days prior, Brandon’s mom and Madalyn were talking and Madalyn made the comment to her that Brandon would have to be real good and sneaky to get the proposal past her.  Brandon, knew what he needed to do, and his birthday party would be the “Perfect” way to sneak the proposal right under her nose and her not know she was actually helping to plan the proposal.  With only two days until his birthday, there was no time to loose as he had to buy the ring and ask her dad for his blessing and her hand in marriage.  The next day rolled around and Brandon went to work.  He knew what ring he wanted her to have so now he needed a local store he could purchase it from.  He found a store in Ocean Springs, but they were closed due to moving locations.  The owners agreed to open up and let him look, which was a miracle for Brandon.  He showed the lady a picture of the ring he was wanting and Praise God, they had it and he could pick it up the next day (his birthday).  Now it was time for Brandon to take a trip to see Madalyn’s dad.  Brandon was so nervous, but knew he didn’t have much time to ask.  Madalyn’s dad had no problem giving him his blessing and was thrilled with the proposal plans.

The morning of the sixteenth arrives and Brandon has so much to do.  With the help of his mom and two aunts, they set off to make this day one for the family memory books.  First, Brandon had to go to Ocean Springs and purchase the ring, then he wanted to have signs made for his brother and three  cousins to hold at the appropriate time which would say “Will You Marry Me?”.  He also wanted to hire a professional photographer to capture this moment, as this is something Madalyn had expressed she would like.  So he called a good family friend and professional photographer, Amanda Rice, to capture this memory for them.  Everything was in order, and they were all on the way to the restaurant.  The nerves were beginning to set in, but he had to keep calm so Madalyn wouldn’t expect anything…

Their Perspective:

Some moments are just filled with priceless expressions.

Some moments are just filled with priceless expressions

The rose and the ring.

The rose and the ring







Everything was going just as planned (from both of their perspectives).  Both families were all there celebrating Brandon’s birthday dinner and about to head to his parent’s house for cake and presents.  Just then, the waiter came and placed a beautiful rose in front of Madalyn.  Madalyn’s expression was priceless. What was this?  This wasn’t part of her plan.  Wait, it wasn’t just a rose, this rose had a stunning ring on it.  With his brother and cousins standing with the signs and the photographer, who had been hidden in the booth across the way, ready to capture the moment, Madalyn turns to her right to see Brandon is down on his knee, and asked,

A man on his knees with a ring in his hand, and a heartfelt smile on his face.

A man on his knees with a ring in his hand, and a heartfelt smile on his face

Will You Marry Me?

Brandon’s “marry” helpers

“Madallion, will you marry me?”







Her Perspective:

My engagement ring

Mom, look. It’s so beautiful.

Madalyn’s heart was so overwhelmed with joy, just like the first time Brandon told her that he loved her.  She said “yes” and thought wow, what an unselfish man she had that he would make this day so incredible for her when it was supposed to be about celebrating him and his birthday.  The night was far from over as she still had a surprise birthday gift to give to him.  After many hugs, tears of joy, and pictures, the family departs for Brandon’s parent’s house to have cake and open presents.  He was so excited to open his gift to find LSU tickets and would be able to attend the game with his now fiancé.

His Perspective:

She said "Yes"

A warm embrace

Dreams come true

Best friends and now future husband and wife

Nervous was an understatement for Brandon as the waiter came walking out with the rose, but he was so happy in that moment knowing he was asking this amazing woman to be his wife.  When Madalyn said “yes”, Brandon just reached up and hugged her, and that was such a special moment for them.  It was in this moment that Madalyn realized there was a photographer capturing this memory.  The happiness on her face was priceless and all Brandon could ask for.  It was such a special night for Brandon and one he will never forget.

Their Perspective:

 The joy of having both of their families together for this overwhelming moment was amazing.  Little did anyone know that this would be the last time the families would all be together.  Two weeks later, Brandon and the entire family lost the life of his brother, Cade.  Brandon said, there is no way to explain the hurt and brokenness he and his family have experienced, but through it all he thanks God that Cade was able to be there with him that special night of September 16, 2014, and see who Brandon would get to spend the rest of his life with.  Brandon said Cade loved Madalyn which meant a lot to him.  He didn’t know what he would have done if God had not given Madalyn to him at this very moment in time.  Everything is God’s timing and he will forever be grateful for the perfect timing of this proposal and having his brother Cade be a part.

Proposal pictures

Bride and Groom with Brandon’s “marry” helpers


Proposal Pictures

Bride, Groom, and Bride’s Parents

Proposal pictures

Bride, Groom, and Groom’s Parents








Proposal pictures

The Family

Pictures provided by: Amanda Rice Photography


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