Achieving Your Bridal Glow with Rodan + Fields

Achieving Your Bridal Glow – with Rodan + Fields 

There is a natural “glow” as some people state which can be seen on a newly engaged bride.  There is just something about “saying YES”, that makes a bride to be radiant with joy and excitement, but can this “glow” be maintained throughout the wedding planning process and get her all the way to the “Big Day”?  Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, she thinks about her dress size, hair style, makeup, nails, and if she should or shouldn’t hit the tanning bed.  Many of us have already been in this same boat for one occasion or another, and the stress of this alone not to mention ALL the wedding planning decisions to be made, can reek havoc on your skin.  The last thing anyone needs to be worrying about the weeks prior to and on their wedding day is what their skin, especially facial skin, looks like.   I have been in the makeup and skin care business for over fifteen years and I know what stress can do. There are many skin care products and regimens on the market and many of these provide great results, but as a consultant and user of Rodan + Fields, I will share how these products are extremely beneficial for not only your wedding day but for everyday thereafter.

How do you determine the right product or regimen?

Rodan + Fields has a great tool you can use to help take the guess work out of what products or regimens you need to use, because the key to great skin care is using the right products for you.  With the answers to a few questions, our Rodan + Fields Solution Tool can guide you to the perfect regimen of products to achieve the optimum results.  When considering your options of skin care regimens, it is important to start early.  Healthy skin just like a healthy body doesn’t happen overnight.  I recommend starting at least six months or more in advance when trying to resolve skin issues such as sun damage and uneven skin tone, acne, rosacea, firming, filling in of lines and wrinkles, and dark under eye circles.

What are some benefits to using our products?

Not only will you see amazing results, Rodan + Fields has created Multi-Med Therapy regimens in sixty day quantities allowing you to see results in your first regimen of use.  We also believe you will be completely satisfied with the results of our products that we offer our Satisfaction Guarantee of all of our products.  You also are connected to one of our support team members in our RF Connection for any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

As stated above, our regimens come in sixty day quantities allowing you to see results in as little as sixty days, but some people have achieved results much sooner.  With regular use (as directed) of our regimens your skin will look smoother and feel softer often after the very first use.  More noticeable results begin to surface within two months of beginning any regimen.  It is important to keep to the directed use of the products to achieve optimum results as skipping steps can minimize the overall effects of the products.  You can also choose to add tools and products to your regimen such as the Amp MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller to enhance your results at a faster rate.

How long do the result last?

Just as it requires proper dietary habits and exercise to maintain a healthy body, it also requires continued use of skin care products to maintain a healthy looking skin.  Depending on the results you were looking to acquire with your skin, you may be able to change your skin care regimen along the process.  Your consultant can guide you in this process.  It is important to remember that exposure to sunlight, without proper use of sunscreen, will cause damage to your skin and often produces more brown spots, uneven skin tones, and even wrinkles,  To combat this, apply a great broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen daily to your skin, such as the Rodan + Fields Essentials Body Sunscreen.  You can also apply a sunless tanner such as our Rodan + Fields Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan, for that natural sun-kissed glow.

Achieving your “Bridal Glow” will not happen overnight, but with the right skin care products it will happen.  No matter what skin care products you choose to use, I encourage you to use one that best suits you and use it on a regular basis.  We want your skin to look its best everyday and especially on your “big day”.  If you have any questions or would like to see if Rodan + Fields is the right skin care regimen for you, please feel free to call me, Ashley Angles, at 205-999-3914.

Ashley Angles – Rodan + Fields Consultant



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