Madalyn’s Bridal Portraits

The forecast for March 9, 2015 looked to be one full of rain with a forty to sixty percent chance of rain where Madalyn’s bridal portrait shoot was to take place.  We all started praying, trusting, and believing that the rain would hold off at her venue location.  When Madalyn awoke that Monday morning she ran to look out the window, “Please God let there be sunshine.”, was her prayer.  And as our Heavenly Father would have it, He allowed the sun to break through the grey sky to show his daughter that He had today taken care of, if she would just trust Him.

God is Faithful

Madalyn, being the owner of her own hair salon, Madallion’s Salon (, decided to do her own makeup and have one of her stylist and friend, Elizabeth Broderick, to do the honor of creating her hair design.  With renewed hope of the rain staying away, Madalyn and Elizabeth started creating the picture perfect bride.

hintonbridalpic2 Bridal Hair style

Bridal Hair Style

The hair and makeup were complete, and now it was time for Madalyn and her mom to head towards The Old Place in Gautier, MS for some fabulous pictures.  Cathy, as a mom would do, was so focused and concerned in activating her faith first for Madalyn in that the rain would hold off and also in keeping her from getting discouraged especially as the rain began to come down upon their drive to the venue.  She had also spent countless hours making sure every little detail concerning Madalyn’s dress and attire was as perfect as it could be, because she didn’t want anything to be out-of-place in the pictures and her have regrets because of it, especially if it was a shot they really wanted.

Madalyn had ordered a bouquet from her florist, The Empty Vase, to use in her bridal photo shoot, so they had to stop and pick up the flowers before heading to the photo shoot.  With flowers in hand and a bride picture perfect, they were in route when they realized the veil had been left in Madalyn’s car.  (This rings a familiar tune with me, as I got so caught up in the moment and the presence of God at my wedding that I forgot to put my absolutely amazing custom handmade veil on.  I didn’t realize it until I turned to walk down the center aisle and at that point it was too late to turn around, but I had an amazing man waiting for me at the end of the aisle and nothing else mattered at that moment.)  Thankfully, Madalyn and Cathy were not far gone from where they left Madalyn’s car, so they quickly turned around and secured the veil.

Bridal Picture Day

Cathy and the photographer, Amanda Rice AR Photos, were in awe struck how the setting and props, some of which Cathy had kept some keepsakes and family heirlooms for Madalyn to have for this day, turned out. When they added this stunning bride to be with the setting and props, it truly became a picture perfect moment.

Bridal Portraits

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When I asked Madalyn and her mom what their thoughts were on this experience, Madalyn said “It made everything seem so real.” Cathy said “I really didn’t think about the emotions of this experience until that evening when the photographer sent us some sneak peaks.  It was in this moment my emotions began flooding.  My daughter was going to be a beautiful bride for her groom.  There were no flaws concerning her!!! Her inward beauty was overflowing and colliding with her outward beauty.  Madalyn has adhered to her father and I guidance, and we can say with confidence that she is ready for all to see her beauty in being a BRIDE.”

Bridal pictures madalynbridalpic4

Pictures provided by:  Amanda Rice AR Photos and Madalyn Hinton


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